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How to Bypass Admin Password on Windows 7? Woking 2016

What can you do if you forget Windows 7 password? You can reinstall system directly if there is nothing important data in the computer. But if there is lots of confidential business data in your hard drive and you don’t have a backup, you will need to find a way to bypass Windows 7 administrator password. Thus, you can regain access to computer without losing data. This article introduces 2 methods.


Method 1: Reset Windows 7 Password with Disk

You can use password reset disk to reset forgotten Windows 7 password. You can create a password reset disk through Windows User Account Control if you know the administrator password. But if you forget your password without creating a reset disk, you will need the help of third party software.

Windows Password Buster is a Windows password recovery tool which can help you create a password reset disk with CD or USB flash drive. And it is an easy-to-use program which can be used by everyone; even you’re a computer newbie. You can follow the steps below to reset Windows 7 password:

Step 1: Download and install Windows Password Buster on an accessible computer.

Step 2: Insert a blank CD or USB flash drive and launch the program.

Step 3: Click Next button to burn a password reset disk. The program will format the USB flash drive. So please make sure that there is nothing important date in the USB flash drive.

Step 4: After the burning completes. Remove the reset disk and insert it into the locked computer.

Step 5: Boot the locked computer from the reset disk, and then follow the instructions to reset administrator password.


Method 2: Bypass Windows 7 Password in Safe Mode

Windows 7 has a built-in administrator account which is inactive by default. If your computer’s built-in admin account is active or you have another accessible administrator account, you can bypass Windows 7 administrator password in safe mode.

Step 1: Start or restart your computer, press F8 to enter Advanced Boot Options before the Windows 7 splash screen appears.

Step 2: Use arrows keys to choose safe mode. There are 3 types of safe mode: Safe Mode, Safe Mode with Networking and Safe Mode with Command Prompt. Here we select the Safe Mode.


Step 3: Please wait while loading Windows files. When the login screen appears, you can login with the built-in admin account.

Step 4: On the desktop, right-click Computer icon, click Manage, double-click Local Users and Groups, and then click Users.

Step 5: Right-click the account that you need to reset password for, and then select Set Password to change password.

You can reset password for all user accounts in safe mode, including administrator account and standard user account.

If you cannot login Windows with an account that has administrator permission, you will be not able to enter safe mode. In that case, I’m afraid you’ll need Windows Password Buster to help you to bypass Windows 7 administrator password. With the help of this program, Crack Windows 7 password will be a small case for you.

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